20 tri axle chassis

TRS is unique in our scope of products and services.

20 tri axle chassis

In addition to standard, specialized and fabricated container structures we sell and rent ISO Chassis. Tri-Axle slider chassis have a heavy duty steel frame with 3 axles.

It is designed to carry high payload 20 foot ISO containers up to 53, lbs.


Chassis can be stacked 3 high for transport. Visit our facility to survey and evaluate the quality, price points and grades of our chassis. Availability and pricing subject to change.

Specifications can vary based on Manufacturer, Age and State Requirements. The technical information provided is for guidance only and TRS cannot be held responsible for original specs and tolerances.

20 tri axle chassis

Can quote on New units for purchase Designed to carry a standard 20ft long container Used units for Sale or Rent. We can quote on New Tri-axles and Specialty Chassis. Having difficulty getting a chassis at the pier, it is time to purchase. Consignment if you want TRS to sell your chassis. Stacking and Binding for Transit Surveys prior to rental or purchase.PRATT was built on designing and manufacturing the lightest, strongest, and most durable Container Chassis in the industry.

With hundreds of different models, our container chassis are designed to haul a variety of sizes including but not limited to 8', 10', 12', 20', 40', 45', 48' and 53'.

PRATT also offers hydraulic tippers that can tip up to 45 degrees. We offer tandem axle, wide spread, tri-axle and lowdeck models with a variety of options. PRATT uses a specially engineered steel frame to reduce tare weight, increase payload, and lower operation maintenance. When producing your Container Chassis, PRATT uses the most advanced laser and plasma equipment available as well as the latest techniques in jigs and fixtures.

PRATT is known as the leading supplier of tank chassis over any other manufacturer in the intermodal industry. PRATT has a variety of Tank Chassis available in various configurations including but not limited to tandem axle, tri axle, spread axle and closed tandem designs.

We are working to add more products to our site regularly. PRATT has thousands of different active models of transportation equipment to meet your requirements. Please check back often as we complete the process of adding more products.

Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss what your requirements are and which model would best fit your specific applications. Tank Chassis PRATT is known as the leading supplier of tank chassis over any other manufacturer in the intermodal industry.

D Tri-axle slider for heavy 20' high cube container. CC 24' tandem axle spring ride straightframe chassis.

20 tri axle chassis

DCL 40' tri-axle lightweight dropframe chassis. GNS9A 45' spread axle air ride combo chassis. Advanced Designs. Lasting Quality Every Time. All rights reserved.This container trailer is applicable to operation in Canada. Would you like to receive more information about the 20'' City 60" Spread 3-Axle Chassis? Fill out the simple form below, and a Cheetah Chassis representative will contact you. Sales Parts General Specs Tare Weight:. Approximately 9, lb.

Closed position: 59, lb. All structural fasteners are Grade 5 or better and are zinc coated. Cross Member:. Fabricated steel. Upper Coupler Assembly:. Fifth Wheel Height:. Front Bolster:. Fabricated channel. Rear Bolster:. Channel type. ICC Bumper:. Tube: 47" long. Mud Flaps:. Electrical System:.For owner-operators, smaller companies, and larger companies filling in on-hire chassis, availability is vital.

By continually building our inventory, Compass strives to have the chassis you need when you need it:.

20 tri axle chassis

One of the most common requests we get is for better pricing on daily rentals. When we looked at how customers use on-hire chassis it made sense to allow for longer rentals while saving them money.

We developed the Compass Pull Ahead program. All you have to do is let us know that you will be keeping a chassis for at least 15 days and we will switch you to our monthly rate. Although savings would be the same dollar amount, the percentage of savings is less. As a Compass customer, you will have your own account representative, and the dependable equipment and service you need to help streamline your logistics and shipping.


Let Compass Lead the Way. About Why Compass Chassis? Customer-focused Rentals For owner-operators, smaller companies, and larger companies filling in on-hire chassis, availability is vital. More Information? Become a Compass Customer As a Compass customer, you will have your own account representative, and the dependable equipment and service you need to help streamline your logistics and shipping. Enter the Text Above. Compass Container. Keeping the Form Secure Try another image?Home Listings Trailers Chassis Trailer.

Filter 2. Industry Trailers. Category Chassis Trailer. Save Search. Email Alert. Keyword Search. Chassis Trailer Select a manufacturer to view available models. Tandem 97 Tri 17 Quad 3. Fixed 61 Fixed Spread 1 Sliding 28 Spread 2. Combination 6 Steel Steel Floor 1. New 89 Used United States Select a country to view available states.

For Sale For Rent 5. Filter by Manufacturer. De Lucio USA. JD Bertolini. Tri Axle. Quad Axle. Air Ride. Fixed Spread. Email Seller. More Info.

Chassis Specifications and Diagrams

Newly Listed. Pratt 43 x 96 Container Chassis Trailer. GVWR 80, Meritor Suspension. Want to narrow or modify your search criteria? Filter by Price. Filter by Year. Filter by Location. Filter by Model. Filter by Keyword. Modify your search. Did you find what you were looking for?This ft Gooseneck Triaxle Slider Chassis have 12 Pins for the stevedoring and transportation of one 1 ISO 40 ft container, one 1 heavy 20 ft container, or two 2 empty 20ft containers.

Sliding positioning comprises an air operated lock pin assembly that allows slider to index through holes in the frame rails. The container chassis frame and main fabricated parts are made from high strength steel. Some of the standard components include low profile radial tires on 10 hole hub piloted wheels, spring suspension, antilock braking system ABSand two-speed landing legs. Worldwide supplier of container chassis, shipping containers, twist locks, platform trailers and more!

Call us today! Overall Length:. Overall Width:. King Pin Location:. Coupler Height:. Tare Weight:. Main Rails:. Fabricated high strength steel main beams. Landing Gear:. Hutch with Three Leaf Springs 11, lb capacity each. Brake System:. Twist Locks:. Commercial sandblast, primer, and high quality paint system. Conspicuity Tape, Bumper, 24 x 30 Mud Flaps.A dataset can also be used to create a cluster or an anomaly detector. Clusters and Anomaly Detectors are both built using unsupervised learning and therefore an objective field is not needed.

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Triaxle Chassis

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