Faja colombiana

Marca una silueta ajustada y tremendamente sexy, ideal para insinuar tu pecho con un encanto irresistible. Puro glamour, sensualidad y elegancia. Forma de Reloj de Arena. Reduce la cintura.

Modelador de cuerpo. La costura reforzada proporciona una mayor durabilidad. Es reversible y su interior es negro. Corrige la postura. Sin costuras y sin etiqueta para mayor comodidad.

Ver tallas. Ligera: Para combinar con todostipos de vestidos, trajes, ropa y etc. Proporciona control de la cintura y el abdomen. Pues bien, este es su secreto: su mentalidad. Las mujeres colombianas saben que la faja es una prenda de ropa interior que te ayuda a modelar tu figura.

Y es por esto que las fajas colombianas son tan famosas. El webmaster no se responsabiliza del mal uso de la web. Web fajas. Fajas Colombianas. Faja Colombiana Reductora Aibrou Beige. Faja Colombiana Reductora Aibrou Negra. Corset Reductor Adelgazante.

Faja Colombiana Adelgazante Sin Costuras. Faja Body Colombiana FeelinGirl.

faja colombiana

Temas relacionados fajas reductoras fajas moldeadoras fajas adelgazantes fajas postparto fajas mexicanas fajas colombianas.E-mail: info fajasonline. Desde el vendiendo las mejores fajas colombianas post quirurgicas y reductoras.

faja colombiana

Brasieres Post Operatorio. Fajas Control Extra Fuerte. Fajas Control Extra Firme. Fajas Control Fuerte. Fajas Control de las Sisa. Fajas Corrector de Postura. Fajas de Maternidad. Fajas Levantacola. Fajas Levanta Busto. Fajas Modeladoras.

faja colombiana

Fajas Post Lipo. Fajas Post Parto. Fajas Post Quirurgica. Fajas Abrochadura al costado. Fajas Cierre entre Pierna. Fajas Cola Suave. Fajas con Brasier.

fajas colombianas

Fajas con Ganchitos. Fajas con Mangas. Fajas de Hombre. Fajas de uso Diario. Fajas Espalda alta. Fajas Espalda en "U". Fajas Espalda recta. Fajas estilo Pantalon. Fajas Estraple. Fajas Fashion. Fajas Huecos en los Gluteos. Fajas Maternas. Fajas Media Pierna. Fajas Mini Short. Fajas sin Abrochaduras. Fajas Tirantes Anchos. Fajas uso Exterior.Accentuate your curves with shaping fajas.

Commonly referred to as Shapers. These garments have compression fabric that provide pressure on specific parts of the body, some of the many uses shapers serve:. These fajas gently hide bloat, fat and folds. The result provides for a very natural look.

Perfect for women who want to wear fajas but who feel uncomfortable feeling tight. These fajas are elastic and easy to put on. Because they do not usually have closures or hooks, they provide an invisible effect and the faja is not noticeble under clothing. These fajas shape the body more pronouncedly. Depending on the garment reference and brand, emphasis can be given to shape some parts of the body more than others. You can find shapewear without rods, without straps and even without seams.

The most effective shapewear for seasoned people accustomed to the continuous use of control garments. This type of girdles further accentuates the curves of the body making you look toned, sensual and voluptuous.

They are made with materials that do not expand or lose compression with use. The success of shaping fajas is due to the type of fabric with which they are manufactured. The highest quality and most widely used textile technology is the Powernet. Due to its resistance, the best shapewear is made in that material. There are also shaping fajas made with Lycra elastic fiber.

Lycra can be combined with other materials such as Nylon to achieve the right level of compression. Our Expert Brand MyD is certified in the use of this material. Finally, there are other types of fajas that some know as thermal waist trainers. These fajas are made of latex, microltex or neoprene material.

Fajas Colombianas & Jeans Colombianos Para Mujer

They work very well for exercise because they help increase body temperature. Fajas Diana Poitiere has a specialized line of girdles made in microltex with thermo-inducing effect. It should be noted that, according to intended manufacturing use, each faja can be lined with other materials. The daily use shapewear made in Powernet, for example, are usually lined with cotton for additional skin care.

Remember not to overdo it. These control garments should not be worn more than ten hours a day, and their use for sleeping is also not recommended. However, also consider factors such as comfort and the type of clothing you will wear over it. For example, if you are showing a small belly, you can completely hide it with a full-body MyD shaping faja ref.

F with bra. These types of shapewear serve to reduce the waist if they are used regularly. As an additional benefit, the girdle lifts buttocks, controls hips and even conceals the bust. You can also explore the shapewear garments of the Fajas Salome molding line made with high compression materials. If not, you still have more options: head to our corset catalog to find a shaper in our waist training category.

Finally, if there is no specific body part that you wish to mold, it is advisable to use low or medium compression fajas such as those of the Seamless Line of Diane Poitiere or the Body Line of Salome. These designs are soft and seamless; very versatile for almost all types of clothing, from wide blouses to beautiful half-leg dresses.Our store sells large varieties of Designer, jeans colombianos, and Shoes, and our staff is committed to treating each client with the utmost care and attention.

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Our Products. Get In Touch. Lipo Express Fajas Colombianas. Opening Hours. Our Story. Contact Us.Para aquellas amantes del ejercicio. Esta prenda no puede faltar en tu guardaropa. Hay momentos en que esta discreta prenda se convierte en tu aliado. Estas fajas de lujo son espectaculares.

CYSM Shapewear

Escoje la tuya hoy mismo. Claro que no, si eres una de esas personas que siempre te quieres ver mejor. Siempre es importante adquirir las fajas colombianas originales para no tener problemas de calidad.

Aunque no lo reconozcan. Los precios de fajas moldeadoras son muy variados y dependen del tipo de faja que se vaya a comprar, pero para poner un rango general van desde los pesos las de cinturilla hasta los pesos mexicanos las completas.

Dependiendo del uso que le quieras dar es la que te recomendamos elegir. Fajas Deportivas Para aquellas amantes del ejercicio. Fajas Reductoras Esta prenda no puede faltar en tu guardaropa. Fajas de Lujo Hay momentos en que esta discreta prenda se convierte en tu aliado. Entrega a Domicilio Todos nuestros productos son entregados hasta las puertas de tu casa. Utilizamos cookies para asegurar que damos la mejor experiencia al usuario en nuestra web.Thousands of high quality couture made Colombian made shapewear and corsetry products known as fajas were already circulating in the international market when Kim Kardashian, the famous American celebrity, uploaded several photos to her Instagram wearing an elegant Ann Chery waist trainer made in Colombia.

Since then, Colombian fajas have quickly grown in popularity. So much so, that Kim has recently released her own Colombian Faja inspired shapewear line. Today, Colombian Fajas are the best-selling control undergarments in the world. However, its benefits and designation of origin go well beyond the use that celebrities give it. Fajas are made of fabrics such as spandex, lycra, nylon and latex among other high quality materials.

In Spanish, faja means wrap, and the compression garments made in Colombia are proven and popular for women and men recovering from tummy tucks, liposuctions procedures, brazilian butt lifts, industry experts say.

Old proven design principles continue today, with the benefit of a diversification of a high-tech workforce and significant advances in raw material: intelligent hypoallergenic, antibacterial, vitamin packed fabrics, even thermal properties are used to manufacture some fajas. The large Colombian fajas brands have already made strategic alliances with Indian companies that are leaders in the textile manufacturing sector worldwide. In fact, for its contributions to economic development and national GDP, the Government of Colombia has been a strong ally to the fajas sector.

In the nineties there was an increase in cosmetic surgeries in Colombia. Women from other countries, and even men, traveled to the country only to be operated by important Colombian plastic surgeons. National entrepreneurs saw a business opportunity and thought about creating specialized garments for post-surgical care.

This is how the first Colombian girdles came to light: garments that take care of the skin, optimize the recovery process and improve the final appearance of surgeries. These design principles continue today, with the benefit of a diversification of a high-tech workforce and significant advances in raw material: intelligent hypoallergenic, antibacterial, vitamin packed fabrics, even thermal properties are used to manufacture some fajas.

Sports Fajas. These garments are designed with bloat reducing materials such as latex or neoprene that promote the increase in body temperature in areas such as the abdomen. They are ideal for exercise because they help burn fat and eliminate bloat in the desired areas. Some of the more popular products in this category are waist trainers and belts. Molding Fajas. Some offer butt lift, breast enhancement and abdomen control. Also, some models are designed to reduce waist. Among the manufacturing materials, Powernet, Nylon and Lycra are distinguished.

Invisible Fajas.

Cómo colocarse la faja colombiana M&D 0478

Some know them as slips or invisible girdles. They are soft girdles, without hooks, zippers or seams. These are garments that are not noticeable under clothing, easy to put on, comfortable and flexible. Postpartum Fajas. Similar to the post-surgical girdles, the postpartum girdles are specially designed for the recovery of the body after natural birth or caesarean section.You will find that our prices are heavily discounted.

Following surgerydoctors prescribe its use to reduce swelling and make sure affected skin tightens correctly on their patients. However, the medical use extended to the general female population as Colombian women realized the faja could also serve to accentuate their natural curves.

In addition, the faja strengthens your posture and lower back muscles, helps to reduce appetite and when worn while working out can help to burn fat with a thermogenic effect on the abdomen.

Yes wearing a FAJA is safe. No it will not damage your organs when used correctly. There are a lot of myths out there about waist training. The fact of the matter is when wearing a faja there is a shifting of the organs that takes place. We have designed our sizing guidelines so that the shifting takes place gradually.

You do not squeeze into a faja that is too small for you. Trying to fit into a size too small can cause the garment to rip apart, long before any damage is done to your organs or any cracking of the ribs takes place.

Fajas are often confused with a process that is known as tight lacing. Tight lacing is done with steel boned corsets that you are tied into as tight as possible. That is completely different than our product. The gradual shifting of the organs is completely safe; our bodies are designed to do so very similar to what takes place during pregnancy. A woman's organs will shift to accommodate the growing uterus over a 9 month period.

When we gain weight and have a larger abdominal cavity, our organs will also shift to occupy the larger space. Same goes with waist training! When the space becomes smaller, the organs will shift accordingly to fit within the space allotted.

The Exclusive Premium Faja contains about oz more latex than all other brands that we have tested. More Latex means increased compression resulting in a more dramatic reduction in your waist line.


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