Scmi s52 planer

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scmi s52 planer

Came partially assembled and I'm not sure they've got it put together right. Been trying to make contact with a tech man at the company but in the meantime, anybody have one of these? Looks like it's gonna be a monster of a machine just needs a little work I have a book with parts and have found some info online but still have a couple of questions for somebody that knows.

Work's fine for killing time but it's a shaky way to make a living. You are correct, it will be worth the effort, congradulations! What color is yours? S63 is green if I remember right. Does it have electric table lift? Come on, tell us how good of a deal you got. Its ok to gloat I have all of the manuals to mine so if the one you have is close, I can go get my manual and copy whatever pages you have issues with.

Or you can get ahold of SCMI America and they probably have downloadable manuals and techs that can answer other questions. I have had reasonably good service from their techs when I ha a problem with a shaper.

I have yet[knock on wood] had to repair anything on mine. But for 11k with the Tersa head I expected it to be good.

scmi s52 planer

Do you have a Tersa head? Whatever I can do to help let me know. In pulling it apart to replace the bearings I have learned quite a bit. It's really a pretty straight forward machine. Traded a used Grizzly 20" for it. Have made contact with the factory reps in Ga and should have all the needed parts on the way. Thanks for the input gentlemen. You traded a used Grizzley for it! You will be very happy with your deal once you get to use this machine indeed, they are not even close to being in the same class.

OK, got all the needed parts screws and springs mostly. Found some American made bearings and got it put back together. Only thing I could not get from the factory was a jig to set the knives.

Larry, how far out do the knives on your S? I have the Tersa Head on mine. It takes 2 minutes to change all 4 knives, just slide them in and turn it on and they set themselves.

As far as how far out the knives are, I am not sure, but I am heading out to the shop today and will look in my manual.The SCM joinery machines are the products of continuing in-house development complementing the sum of the finest skills and know-how. The planer thicknesser is a combined woodworking machine that brings together surface planer and thicknessing planer machining operations. Scm's combined planer-thicknessers allow you to switch from one process to another in a short period of time.

This rapid switching from surface planer to thicknessing planer is essential to the work of joiners or DIY enthusiasts who find themselves working on a single piece; so, unlike mass production where you would pass through a number of pieces on one of the planers before changing to another, in this case, one single piece is processed on both planers and the switching speed from one planer to another makes their work easier and faster.

Scm's combined planer-thicknessers are compact and sturdy and suited to highly flexible production. Ideal for demanding craftsmen and joiners. It depends on your situation and space. For a one or two man shop in a small space the combo is the only way to go, in my opinion, and I would argue that it is not really a close or fair comparison. Pretty often. Not so much, at least not with common stock. These are designed as space savers first, so a longer bed makes less sense. Just thickness it and shape the profile.

These combination machines tend to focus on width more than length, and you will find that much more practical, useful and beautiful with the greater design possibilities that wider stock offers. One minute per change. The average furniture projects requires, maybe, 1 hour of total milling time between the jointer and planer functions, and changeovers, at most, during that hour.

To go from jointer to planer requires you to move one machine out of the way and move the other one in. Switch over the dust collection hose, electrical connection.

Now you are talking minute per changeover, and more hassle. I have experienced both worlds, and it is not even close — the combination machine is quicker by far. Do you have to adjust your jointer every time you go from planer back to jointer? Not with Minimax. Everything is registered and machined to precision.

Once set you can reliably return to the same exact setting time and time again, with no need to re-adjust anything. What is the right cutter head for me, the Xylent helical head or the straight knife Tersa System?Coil Release UpkzmV. SCM Bar. Safety Ring 30,0 UNI SCM Ring 80 Uni Screw M12X Shop Hermance for all of your SCM parts needs.

Our selection online features commonly ordered parts, but if you don't see the part you need listed here, give us a call to talk with one of our parts specialists. We will get you the SCM part you need quickly and easily.

SCM S520 Nova X 20” Heavy Duty Planer

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Ordering spare parts has never been easier. Simply consult the new 2D catalogues, available in our E-Shop. You can view the machine in detail to easily identify the component you need and purchase it with a simple click of the mouse. Our centralised warehouse is the heart of the Spare Parts Division. An automatic system optimises the material picking times, eliminating human error and allowing us to meet the requirements of our customers throughout the world.

We have 6 secondary warehouses in strategic locations across the world. They are completely integrated to cover the whole of Europe and North America in 24 hours and the rest of the world in 48 hours. Study and analysis of the components and possibility of requesting repairs at advantageous prices. Email: spareparts scmgroup. Back Flexible edgebanding solutions Single-sided automatic edge banders Sizing edge banders.

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scmi s52 planer

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Sheartak Spiral Cutterhead for SCM 20" Planer S-52,6 spirals

Back Clamps for doors and windows Clamps for furniture.It features a monoblock base, work table with support rollers, and a Tersa cutterhead. This cutterhead eliminates the necessity of gauging the knives each time to ensure proper setting position. The Tersa knives automatically reference into position when the head is turned on.

Removal of the knives is as simple as tapping down the wedge blocks and sliding out the knives. Since the knives are two-sided, they can be flipped over, reinserted, and used again. Sign in for the best experience. Sign In.

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